What Makes a House a Home

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

When you move into a new house, it can take a while to feel like a home, no matter how modern and beautiful it is. Moving your furniture in helps, but it takes time to build the emotional connection that elevates that house into your home. Are there ways to accelerate the process? You bet. Here are some tips.

Designed for Happiness

You can start the process of creating a home at your builder’s design center. Choose paint colors, cabinetry, flooring and fixtures that make you feel happy. For some families, that can mean wood floors and cabinets; for others, tile floors and painted cabinets. Take your family’s needs into account. You won’t be happy if you choose items that make your home harder to clean or that inconvenience you.

Pay Attention to Communal Spaces

Where will your family be spending the most time? Probably the family room and the kitchen. This is where you will enjoy Sunday morning pancake breakfasts, help your kids with their homework and entertain guests. Make these spaces warm and welcoming with throw pillows and blankets, comfortable cushions on bar stools and shelves full of books.

Treasured Memories

Memories are what make a house a home, but if you’ve just moved in, there won’t be any associated with your new house. Adding items that remind your family of treasured moments will help bridge the gap. Shells collected during your last beach vacation can be attractively displayed on the fireplace mantle. Children’s artwork can be moved from the fridge at your old home to the one at your new place. Display your grandmother’s china. Anything that reminds you of happy times with your family.

Family Photos

We all have framed photos of family members and they should be given pride of place. Create collages or memory boards using loose photos or digital frames. If you have photos taken in your old home, put those up, as well. The point is to remind yourself that it is family members who make up a home.

Home is a Community

Your home is more than your house, it is the community you live in. It’s the place you feel you belong. Get out and meet the neighbors. Make friends. Get involved at your children’s schools. All of those things will help you to create new memories and add to the emotional attachment you feel to your house.

Ready to Build Your Home?

Are you ready to build a home? Sierra Vista is the perfect place to do that. Our community offers outstanding builders ready to listen to your needs and build a home where your family will thrive.