Time to Get Packing

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2023

Moving into a new home in Sierra Vista is great. Packing up everything up in your old home, not so much. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help. Follow these tips for a stress-free move:

Gather Supplies

Start gathering moving supplies as soon as you have a move-in date. You will need boxes in all sizes as well as specialty boxes for things like moving flat-screen televisions. You will also need bubble wrap, packing tape, markers or a label maker, box cutters and a dolly for the heavy lifting.

Plan It Out

Not everything needs to be packed at the same time. Create a checklist and a calendar. The checklist tells you what to pack; the calendar when to pack it. As a rule, items you don’t use often can be packed one to three months ahead of your move. As you pack, get rid of items you never use so they don’t follow you to your new home.

The Kitchen

Kitchens are the hardest to pack. There’s just so much stuff! Wrap your dishes in bubble wrap and pack them vertically to keep them from breaking. Glasses should be packed in boxes with dividers. If you have a silverware tray, remove it from the drawer, wrap it in plastic and set the whole thing in a box. Remove blades and attachments from small appliances before wrapping. You can put them in bags and tape them to the appliance. You may be tempted to pack as much in one box as you can. Don’t. Heavy boxes are hard to lift and can break, sending your dishes to the floor.

Home Office

Home offices can be tricky to pack ahead of time if you plan to work up until the day you move. Pack up as many office supplies as you can in the month before the move. The night before, pack up your electronic devices. Be sure to store power strips, cords and chargers together so you won’t be searching for them the day after the move.


Clothes are easy to pack. Purchase wardrobe boxes and just hang them up. Pack any clothes that are out of season first. To move the clothing you keep in drawers, just pull out the drawers, wrap them in plastic and place on the moving truck. If you don’t want to invest in moving boxes, use trash bags or suitcases.

The Bathroom

Declutter your bathroom before packing anything. Have one box for each bathroom. Keep toiletries together. Pack your medications in a to-go bag and make sure it is in the car on the day of the move.

Spare Rooms

Spare rooms can usually be packed up at least a month in advance. Wrap comforters, pillows and sheets in plastic before storing in a box. If you don’t need the bed, disassemble it. Valuables can be moved to another room for safekeeping.

Kids’ Rooms

Get your kids involved in the packing. Have them pack their clothes, school supplies and other items. Favorite toys should not be packed until a few days before.

Furniture, Mirrors and Art

Wrap mirrors and art in bubble wrap. If they don’t fit in boxes, label them by whatever room they will go in. Remove legs from tables and chairs to make them easier to maneuver. Cover the tops of tables with blankets to keep them from getting scratched.

General Tips

Take a picture of what’s inside each box. Give the box a number and write down what’s inside. That way you know where everything is and don’t waste time opening boxes filled with stuff you don’t need. Pack a box of essential items for each room. Those could include tools, bathroom items like toilet paper, pet food, first aid kit and clothes.