Small Space? Paint

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, white isn’t the only paint color you can use to make a small space feel bigger. While white does reflect light, it can also make your small space feel boxy and boring. The solution is to choose shades that work well with natural light, cause walls and ceilings to recede and establish the mood you’re going for. For inspiration visit our model homes or check out this list of best paint colors.

Blue and Green

Blues and greens can trick the eye into thinking ceilings are higher and make walls seem to recede. If the room has a lot of natural light, blues can add an airy feel. Greens work well in small rooms with a view as the color draws the eye to any outside greenery the room overlooks. Studies, bedrooms and bathrooms all benefit from shades of blue or green. Colors with blue or green undertones also work well.

Yellow and Orange

If you want a small kitchen or study to feel cozy, shades of yellow or orange can do the job. Pale yellows are perfect for kitchens and hallways as they tend to make visitors feel welcome. Coral is a shade of orange that makes a statement and works well with wood floors. Try it in the entryway or your mud room.


Bright whites don’t do small spaces any favors, but creams can soften sharp corners. They also pick up hues from adjacent spaces, so the room feels more streamlined. Creamy whites take the focus off the walls. Your furniture becomes the center point of the room which can trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. Hallways benefit from off-whites as they don’t distract from the colorful rooms they lead into.

Yes, You Can Go Dark

Common wisdom suggests that only light, bright colors can make a small space seem larger. That is not the case. You can add drama to a small room with jewel tones. Strong colors work well with artificial lighting so if your room lacks a window, you can still use a highly saturated color. The best way to use a darker color is to paint the ceiling a lighter shade. That can make the room seem taller.