Refresh Your Fall Fitness Routine

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2022

Between taking the kid to school and holiday preparations it might be tempting to take a break from your fitness routine. That would be a mistake. Autumn is a great time to get outdoors, try new exercise classes and get a jump on fighting off those holiday pounds. If you happen to be a Sierra Vista resident, you have numerous exercise options at your fingertips. If you don’t, here are some tips for refreshing your fall fitness routine.

Get Outdoors

Summer heat and humidity often have us moving our workouts to the gym. Autumn is the perfect time to say goodbye to three walls and a mirror and hello to the beauty of nature. Try a quick morning jog before work. If you’re more of an evening runner, remember that the days are getting shorter. Run early and make sure you wear reflective gear. Get the bikes out of the garage and ride the trails, so the entire family can enjoy exercise on the weekends.

Those Shoes Were Made for Walking

Everyone has time for an evening walk. If you are lucky to live in a community like Sierra Vista, you will have plenty of pathways — not to mention friendly neighbors you can wave to on the way. Make it a habit by setting a time to walk every day. Parents of young children can pack them into strollers and meet up with other parents. Fido enjoys an evening walk, so don’t deprive him. Vary your route so you don’t get bored. If you drive to work, set up a lunchtime walking club and take a few laps around the parking lot.

Plan Fun Fall Activities

Sometimes exercise feels like, well, exercise. Plan fall family activities that involve movement. Take the kids to the pumpkin patch and be sure to thread the corn maze. Plan nature walks to look at the fall foliage. Even holiday shopping can be a workout if you skip snack breaks at ice cream or cupcake shops.

Go For a Hike

Hikes are different from walks. For one thing, climbing up inclines and over logs really works those leg muscles. You also get your heart rate up and burn calories. Be sure to hike with a buddy, bring lots of water, tell someone where you will be hiking and wear appropriate clothing.

Try a New Exercise Class

If you aren’t an outdoorsy person, you can still shake up your exercise routine. Exchange your spin class for a yoga class. Sign up for a fitness center that specializes in interval training. If you haven’t been in the habit of exercising, try hiring a personal trainer. Trainers can motivate you, teach you proper form and make exercise fun.

Set Up a Home Gym

If you have a spare room, you have all you need to set up a home gym. Working out at home has the advantage of convenience. Yes, you can do yoga in your pajamas. If you are shy about working out in front of others, a home gym can keep you exercising as you are unlikely to skip a workout due to fear of judgment. It can also be easy on your wallet. Just download an exercise app and get going. A one-time investment in a Peloton bike or NordicTrak treadmill can be more cost-effective than a gym membership you never use.