New Year, New Smart Home Tech

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A recent survey found that 38 percent of households own at least one smart home device. The same report said that 44 percent of homeowners plan to buy a smart home device this year. Anticipating this trend, manufacturers have come out with all sorts of automated ways to make your life easier. Here are some of the latest trends.

Smarter Kitchens

This year, manufacturers are dedicating themselves to making your kitchen time more efficient with smart appliances. Refrigerators will become the hub of the kitchen allowing you to watch your favorite cooking show, read recipe instructions and show you what’s inside via a touch screen. Some refrigerators can even look at your ingredients and suggest ways to use them. Smart ovens can be connected to Alexa devices so you can pre-heat your oven with just a voice command. Smaller appliances such as coffee makers, air fryers and microwaves will also be voice-activated.

Smarter Bathrooms

Smart devices are moving into the bathroom. At the top of the list is the smart shower head. Program the perfect temperature for each family member, turn on the water with a voice command and sing along to your favorite tune. Automatic toilet cleaners mean you will be scrubbing and disinfecting less. Smart toilets offer hands-free opening and closing as well as automatic flushing.

Automation Moves Outside

Want a beautiful lawn without having to stand outside with the hose? Automated irrigation controls are the answer. Timers hooked up to your wi-fi can automatically turn on the water at set times. If the forecast calls for rain, the timer can automatically pause your scheduled watering.

Wake Up to The Sun

Automatic blinds are poised to get less expensive, meaning everyone can wake up to the sun. Use your digital assistant to set up a bedtime routine that includes shutting the blinds. Set another up to open them at your preferred waking time. Don’t feel like shutting the blinds when the sun glares off the television? Use an app to close them without missing a second of your favorite show.

Retire the Roomba

Move over automatic vacuums. Manufacturers are experimenting with automatic mops. Robot carpet cleaners can get out the toughest stains. Keep the ladder in the garage and use an automatic window cleaner instead.

To Your Good Health

Smart devices can even help you look and feel better. Smart air purifiers can detect levels of particulate matter in the air and adjust the power automatically. Smart diffusers can be scheduled to automatically release calming scents. Your home gym equipment can send information to various apps to track calories burned, oxygen levels and more.