Move Over Pumpkin Spice!

Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2021

Tired of pumpkin spice and everything nice? So are we. Fall is bursting with flavors that have nothing to do with pumpkin. Apples, cinnamon and maple all remind us that the holidays are on the way. So, kick the pumpkin spice habit and explore these 10 fantastic flavors instead.


Is there anything more comforting on a chilly fall day than a glass of warm apple cider? Apples were once the quintessential fall flavor before the pumpkin interloper showed up. If your family went apple picking this year, use your finds to fry up delicious apple cider donuts, bake an apple pie and don’t forget the caramel apples.


Pecans are an underrated fall flavor but anyone who brought a pecan pie to Thanksgiving dinner knows the value of these nuts. Start the morning with these tasty banana pecan pancakes. For a savory dish, pop them in the food processor and coat chicken breasts in them for pecan-crusted chicken. Celebrate fall in salad form with an apple, cranberry and pecan salad.


Cinnamon is the secret ingredient in pumpkin spice lattes. Add it to anything sweet or savory. Our favorite is cinnamon rolls. If you’ve got some leftover sweet potatoes hanging around, use them in this yummy sweet potato cinnamon bread. Snickerdoodles are the ultimate cinnamon cookie. Pair them with apple and cinnamon infused bourbon.


Maple is for more than pancakes. The sweet treat can be used in combination with salty dishes like maple bacon, stirred into Old-fashioned cocktails or to dress up hot wings for the big game.


The smell of sage reminds us of Thanksgiving turkey, but the aromatic herb can be used to flavor just about anything. Sage takes this roasted pork with apples recipe up a notch. Enjoy butternut squash and sage soupon a rainy day. For holiday dinners, try this sweet potato and sage-butter casserole.

Salted Caramel

Admittedly, salted caramel is good all year round, but there is something special about sipping a salted caramel latte in the fall. You could wow your guests with these camembert-apple grilled cheese with salted caramel sandwiches. Give the gift they’ll keep on eating with salted caramel popcorn.


Before there was pumpkin spice there was chai, packed with clove, cinnamon, and cardamom. You can drink it as tea. Even better, you can add it to a range of baked goods, including banana chai bread, chai-spiced pound cake and chai spice monkey bread.


Think cranberries are just for juice? These colorful little berries can grace any dish. We like them in cranberry-apple hand pies, vodka cranberry punch and white chocolate cranberry cheesecake.


Move over gingerbread cookies. As delicious as they are, there are many more delicious ways you can use this spectacular spice. Your family will gobble up this apple gingerbread cake. Need a beautiful centerpiece? You can’t go wrong with this cranberry orange trifle. Warm up the team after football practice with Indonesian ginger chicken.


It’s easy to forget that pears are a fall fruit. As an alternative to apple, they can’t be beat. Try poaching them for an elegant dessert. Dig into a pear ginger crumble. Bring orange glazed chicken with pears to your next shindig.