Master Dining Table Décor

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2023

If you’ve explored our model homes, you’ve probably been drawn to the beautifully decorated dining tables. You may have been wondering if you can get the same look in your home. Yes, you can! Just follow our tips for an elevated table your guests will be gushing over.

Consider the Shape

Before rushing to HomeGoods to purchase centerpieces, consider the shape of your table. A small square or round table may need only a single vase to dress it up. A long table may require several centerpieces.

Consider the Room

Where your dining table is located has decorating implications. A formal dining room near the front of the home can serve as an introduction to your decorating style. If your table is in the dining area of the great room, you will want your tablescape to match the surrounding décor.

Consider Your Style

Just because you have a formal dining room doesn’t mean you need to go all out on fancy decorations if it isn’t your style. Your dining table should reflect you. Choose the colors, shapes and decorations that fit your aesthetic. Don’t decorate the way you think you should because that’s what the magazines tell you. Of course, if you see a tablescape in a magazine that speaks to you, by all means, recreate it.

To Tablecloth or Not to Tablecloth

You need a good foundation on which to build your tablescape. If you have a beautiful tabletop, you might not need a tablecloth. If your table is stained (and not in a good way) consider covering it up. There are beautiful tablecloths in a variety of fabrics and patterns out there. Choose microfiber cloth as it rarely stains and is easy to clean. Pick colors that tie into your decorating theme or accent your tableware. For fun, change your tablecloth with the seasons for a fresh new look.

Terrific Table Runners

Table runners straddle the line between a tablecloth and a naked table. They work particularly well with long, rectangular tables. Square tables can also benefit as a table runner elongates the space. You can purchase one or make your own from a beautiful piece of fabric. As an alternative, lay down a line of fresh greenery, silk flowers or small candles.

Make a Statement

A table is meant to be used for dining. Clutter it up with decorations and there won’t be room for your guests. That means taking everything off the table when you use it. Instead, place a beautiful statement piece in the center. Large vases, bowls of fruit and sculptures work well for this. In addition to becoming a focal point for the room, a statement piece can be easily removed when it’s dinner time.

Keep it Short

A table centerpiece shouldn’t be higher than 24 inches. You want to be able to see your guests. Also, a tall centerpiece makes it hard to pass the potatoes. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a tall centerpiece. It just means you need to remove it before dinner is served.

Fancy Flowers

Floral arrangements are a go-to for many home decorators. Fresh flowers from your garden are seasonal and show off your green thumb. Find vases that complement your room décor and fill them up. For a short table, one vase should do. A longer table will look better with a collection of vases. And you don’t have to use vases. Bowls and wooden boxes are charming containers. Fill a bowl with fall leaves or a planter box with evergreen branches.

Let’s Talk Candlesticks

Candlesticks are a staple of dining table decorations. For a classic look, search thrift stores for silver candlesticks. For a more contemporary look, colored glass or wood look beautiful. Don’t worry if your candlesticks don’t match. An eclectic assortment makes its own statement. Choose candle colors that accent the room. Scented candles keep the room smelling nice but you’ll want to switch out for scentless when it’s time to serve food.

Overhead Lighting

A beautiful table deserves a beautiful light source. If your dining room has an oversized window, just open the curtains. At night, you will need an additional light source. Chandeliers are always a nice touch, but if that’s too formal or fussy for you, consider pendant lightning in your preferred shape. Lights should be on a dimmer switch so you can set the mood.

Mix It Up

Mixing up your table décor is a great way to have some fun and make a statement. Combine candlesticks of varying heights with a large vase full of silk flowers. A wooden tray piled high with placemats and napkins adds color to the room. A row of succulents brings nature indoors.

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