Best 2002 Paint Colors for Kitchens

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2022

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in our homes yet when it comes to paint, they often get overlooked. Given that most kitchens are open to family rooms and dining areas, that’s a shame. Paint can set a mood, tie your kitchen to the family room and breakfast nook, make a small space feel larger or serve as the backdrop for elegant get-togethers. If you’re heading to your Sierra Vista builder’s design center, talk to the design representative about painting your walls and cabinets to harmonize with your countertops and backsplash. Not sure about the color? Here are the top colors for 2022.


Green is “THE” color for 2022. From light mint to dark emerald, shades of green bring the outdoors inside. Choose a shade that contrasts with natural wood elements such as oak or walnut cabinets. Alternatively, paint your cabinets and island a dark hunter green as a sophisticated contrast to white walls and a tile backsplash.

Light Gray

Seen more and more in model homes, gray is the new beige. Dove gray cabinets pair nicely with black-veined marble countertops. Gray walls and white cabinets give the kitchen a modern look without the sterility of white on white.


Vibrant hues of blue are trending this year. Navy blue cabinets can make a kitchen feel cozy. Antique gold or brass hardware takes cabinets to the next level of elegance. Blue also provides depth to kitchens. If your kitchen is mostly white, paint the vent hood blue for a pop of rich color.


Used correctly, shades of yellow can add warmth to cabinets and walls. Soft yellows contrasted with white cabinets make for a sunny kitchen. Use it to accent windowsills, door frames and islands. You can even mix it up a little with blues and greens. Remember too much yellow can be overwhelming.


Monochrome kitchens may sound boring, but the look is crisp and elegant. Contrast it with a white subway tile backsplash and white counters for a modern look. Gray tile floors and black cabinets are elegant and perfect for homeowners that love throwing cocktail parties. Dark tones can make a small space feel even smaller so only try this combo on large kitchens.