Lagoon Life

Imagine the thrill of enjoying white sand beaches, turquoise waters and all the highlights of a first class resort — right in your backyard.


To the site of Houston’s 3rd Crystal Lagoon® Amenity

The planned Sierra Vista Crystal Lagoon® amenity will bring your ideal vacation destination to your back yard, with opportunities to swim, paddleboard or bask in the sun at your own personal paradise.

A new wave in living

Life is a Beach

The lagoon is planned to anchor a world class amenity village that includes a celebration lawn, beach-front clubhouse, multiple white sand beaches, splash pad, kids cove, paddle board and kayak launch.

*Amenity designs and construction are subject to first obtaining the appropriate federal, state and local permits and approvals. Features listed for the Sierra Vista Amenity Village are representative only, and Land Tejas reserves the right, without notice to or approval by the Buyer, to make changes or substitutions of equal or better quality for any features, materials and equipment included within these documents. The location and size of the amenity village and Crystal Clear Lagoon are subject to feasibility studies and local government approvals.

Innovative Technology

Using innovative technology that conserves water and lessens environmental impact, Crystal Lagoons® has designed stunning lagoons all across the globe. Two Land Tejas developments have introduced this New Wave in living, Balmoral and Lago Mar, making Sierra Vista the third location to bring the excitement of Lagoon Life to a neighborhood setting.